Becoming a Member
Have you ever wondered exactly why people become members of the Cumberland GAP?
There are many reasons to join including:

...meeting new people!
...have fun!
...benefit personally or professionally!
...make a difference in our organization and the community!
...get a sense of belonging!
...makes our community stronger!

The Cumberland GAP meets the first Monday of each month. Meetings are held at the Dairy State Bank in Cumberland, WI at 7pm. In the summer months we meet at the Cumberland GAP shelter in the Cumberland Tourist Park starting at 6:00PM.
Attending our meetings is not a requirement for becoming a member, but we sure appreciate your input and enjoy your company.

For more information on joining our organization, please email!
We'd love to have you!


The Cumberland GAP is a volunteer organization comprised of Cumberland area community members age 18 or older. This is a group of "GOOD AMBITIOUS PEOPLE"!

The GAP's purpose is to aid in promoting the civic, cultural, social and economic welfare of the people of Cumberland and its vicinity; to promote leadership, training, education, recreational and social benefits for its members and their families.

Our membership reflects varying levels of participation, which can involve attending meetings and holding board or chairperson positions. Or, you might just like to help out with our projects and events!

Our fundraising puts money back into the community in the form of scholarships, awards, projects, donations and community events.

If you enjoy attending our events,you might also enjoy helping us make them happen. Our events are: WI State Ice Fishing Contest; Breakfast With the Easter Bunny; Hooked on Fishing; and the 4th of July Spectacular Celebration.

Please browse the site for more information on the Cumberland GAP - "Good Ambitious People".

P.O. Box 237
Cumberland, WI 54829

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